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"Transformative Light, Real & Imagined," solo  exhibition

The Historic Anna Lawrence Bisland  1928 House, Bronxville Women's Club 

April 2019, opening reception April 7, 2-4 P.M.



devries series

The Devries Series


 I began with a series of drawings on mylar created from dozens of photos that have been spliced and physically collaged together.  This allows me to represent this structure in a way that does not exist in reality.  I am using multiple perspectives to explore the component of  time...In a sense extending the moment as if to walk around the structure. I am now extending the work into composite digital photos.  I am planning mixed media work on top of these images as well as multiple version presented as a single piece.

My Subjects


I often stay with a subject for a while, sometimes even years.  The site, or subject becomes a part of my visual imagination often suggesting the interjecting of objects or effects from other sources.


I react to my environment, internalizing the objects I focus on. The paintings then come from a synthesis of these subjects, as they first existed and as I imagine them. The light always has an extraordinary way of transforming reality, suggesting a sense of an extended moment in time as the viewer visually travels through the work. This psychological perceptual challenge is at the center of my work. 

My Process


I take numerous photographs of  my subjects giving me the visual information I will need for my manipulations.  I collage the photos digitally or with scissors and glue creating multiple macquettes. I want to consider the  possibilities.